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  • Angina?
  • Stents?
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  • High Cholesterol?
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With over 35 years of experience, Strauss Heartdrops have been scientifically validated in 3 Studies, with over 1000 personal testimonials. It is the only heart formula with European Mistletoe and has been approved by Health Canada (NPN 80030089).


This unique herbal formula gently removes plaque from artery walls, allowing better blood flow.  Watch the video for a real life story of how Strauss Heartdrops completely turned one woman's life around.

UK Savings | Strauss Heartdrops
100ml Now only £52
(Lasts approx. 4 weeks)

250ml Now only £90
(Lasts approx. 12 weeks - min dose)
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When you clear your arteries they may prevent:
Heart Attacks / Strokes
High Blood Pressure
High Cholestrol
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Do you have Coronary Artery Disease?
Click here  to see if you have a 74% chance of developing it...
What Our Customers Say

"Thank you for the Heart Drops. I have noticed a difference in my breathing. I can now go up and down stairs without stopping to catch my breath."
L T Washington

"I am on my second 100mls bottle of Heartdrops and I feel so much fitter. My feeling of heavy legs has gone completely and where as before I felt a bit breathless after vigorous walking - I now have no breathlessness.
I am still assessing the difference due to the fact that before starting Heartdrops I had raised blood pressure and although my total cholesterol was low at 4.00 the LDL bad cholesterol was high in that figure. So before starting the Heartdrops my doctor put me on Ramiprill for blood pressure and a statin for cholesterol. My blood pressure is now stable around 132/75 and I am now waiting on tests for cholesterol.
I am due to see my Consultant in June following an angiogram last month which showed a small narrowing of an artery - but so far i have no palpitations - my heart feels stronger and i feel very fit. I am 69 yrs of age and still working and I am told would pass for someone in their fifties - so i feel fine.
Robert McCormack - 03/04/2012 - UK

“I started taking Strauss Heart Drops for about thirty days and after that time my angina pains were almost gone. I am now on my third bottle and am feeling much better. I would certainly recommend this product to anyone.”

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